Privetek™ Switchable Privacy Glass

Privetek™ Switchable Privacy Glass

Privacy smart glass or switchable glass is a Laminated glass or glazing whose light transmission properties are altered when voltage is applied. The switchable polymer dispersed liquid crystal film is laminated between two heat-strengthened glasses using high-quality German interlayers for excellent strength, acoustic properties, long life cycle and of privacy.

In general, the glass changes from transparent to translucent and vice versa, changing from letting light pass through to blocking wavelengths of light and vice versa.


You want to make an impression

It doesn’t matter whether it is an office, a conference hall, a hotel, or a private apartment – with Privetek™ we guarantee a ‘WOW’ effect. You can enjoy this effect not only by yourself, but with all your guests.

Does quality matter to you?

We take extra care to check the haze of each glass panel. Consequently, you can enjoy the highest level of transparency, and we offer you a 5 years’ guarantee for your glass.

Dimensions and thicknesses

Our standard glass is 55.4 (12mm) thick; however, if you have different needs, other dimensions are available, as well (12-33 mm). The dimensions of the Privetek™ glass panel that you can order are from 200x300 mm to 1600x3000 mm.

Power supply

When connecting Privetek™ glass, apply the output voltage of 120 VAC and the input voltage of 120 – 230 VAC.

Operating conditions

Privetek™ glass operates most efficiently in temperatures from -20 to 60⁰C.

Acoustic insulation

You appreciate silence? Privetek™ Laminated switchable glass guarantees the Rw coefficient of 38dB.