Offices, Meeting Rooms And Conference Halls

From headquarters of corporations and offices of technological companies to banks. From brainstorming through briefings to confidential meetings. One space divided with a glass partition wall is a perfect solution everywhere. Thanks to Privetek™, you obtain a broad array of new solutions, economizing on other materials.

Switch On Or Switch Off

Your team works intensely and you like watching it at work? Perfect! But there are moments when you need to discuss something in a smaller group – then Privetek™ is a perfect solution. You switch Privetek™ on and off with just one click.


Data is the new oil, so they say. Companies today, spend millions to keep their data private and secure. Cloaking films are transparent films externally applied on glass partitions which typically blank out the LED screens used for presentations. But data can have many forms. Written data on marker boards, lip and hand movements, body language of people participating in the meetings and even something as innocuous as a Hi-Five or heated debates can give out much information. Much more than just the LED Screens. The losses resulting from corporate espionage are worth billions of dollars! This is a strong case for preferring switchable smart glass (over cloaking films), where the entire surface area of the transparent meeting room glass can turn opaque with the flick of a switch. Privetek™ switchable smart glass series by Form5 is simply the most effective solution for meeting and conference room privacy.

Open Space, Whenever You Want It

Use Privetek™ as a partition wall, which will produce the ‘wow’ effect thanks to an instant change of glass transparency. This solution is perfect in conference halls as it allows for instant separation of space from other rooms, but it can be also used as a projection screen. BLINDS AND CURTAINS: The Vertical or horizontal blinds typically found in offices are not only difficult to clean but are also breeding grounds for bacteria, dust, and grime. Privetek™ switchable films allow you to have complete privacy without compromising on your aesthetics or cleanliness.

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