It all started in 1989 when Mr. Sudarshan Motwani (founder of Orchid Square) first visited Coonoor. It was love at first sight with the Nilgiris.

He made it a point to visit Coonoor with his family so often that they eventually decided to build their vacation home right in the heart of Coonoor. By that time, Mr. Motwani had a successfully functioning business in Mumbai of selling Pen Products. Inspired by the massive tea plantations in Coonoor, he decided to also sell tea products and acquired some tea plantations in Coonoor.

Over the years, during his frequent visits to Coonoor, he had become fond of South Indian specialities, but always felt the need for good North Indian/Chinese restaurants in the region. This ignited the desire in him, to bring authentic North Indian food to Coonoor, which culminated in the opening two restaurants called Rangoli and China gate.

Mr. Motwani hired specialized cooks from Delhi and soon, these restaurants became the talk of the town. This place gained a lot of popularity and people loved the food. On popular demand, we expanded further, to construct a Hotel at this location for our customers to have a relaxing stay and enjoy the heavenly beauty that Coonoor has to offer.

Luxurious Super Deluxe Rooms

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Coonoor is a part of these magnificent ranges. The green mountains are covered by the splendid blue mist that takes you to the trance of ultimate happiness. You can feel it as a utopia!!